Terms of Service

Thank you for viewing my TOS! Please remember that it is vital for you read and review this before commissioning me so we are both on the same page and I can make you the fursuit of your dreams without any hiccups.

(last updated November 18th, 2019)

– When a client contacts me for work, they agree that my TOS supersedes any TOS the client might have.

– Commissions of this nature can be costly investments. Please consider it carefully before contacting me.

– You must be over 18-years-old to commission me.

–  A 30% NON-REFUNDABLE down payment is required to secure a slot.
If you decide to cancel your commission a refund will be issued varying on how far along it is with being made minus the initial 30%. Once a fursuit is completed there is no refund option.
If I decide to cancel on you, you will be given a full refund and the costume will be altered and sold OR given the materials, anything that was worked on and a refund for whatever was not worked on yet. Abandoned projects (i.e. communication is cut off for weeks on end, owner drops off the face of the Earth) will be refunded and the costume will be altered to be re-sold.

– A duct tape dummy is required for a custom bodysuit to ensure it properly fits you. Please take your time to correctly make one and make sure the arms are in a T position. If a duct tape dummy is incorrectly built a $50 fee will be added to the commission.

– NO DEADLINES. Estimations for completion can be given during the commission process. After payment is received in full expect your commission to be finished within 1 month to a year, depending on the queue size and placement, your type of commission and other factors.

– Please keep contact/ requests for updates to 3 asks during the transaction; I will send you WIP photos and updates during the commission process. I will do my best to respond to you within 24 hours.

– I own cats and birds. If you are allergic please tell me. I do not recommend commissioning me if you are hyper-allergic even though I try my hardest to keep my pets away from materials.

– I require a full digital reference of the character you are commissioning unless it is an artistic liberty suit.
I will decline the following: being sent several images instead of a reference, NSFW material, shaded references, Second Life screenshots, one view references, scanned/traditional media, descriptive paragraphs or multiple links, stolen characters, fursuit photographs, outdated references.
I will not take commissions involving copyrighted characters.
I will not explicitly remake fursuits I have created in the past, however if there is an artist designed fursuit from my portfolio you would like turned into an artistic liberty commission this is up for discussion and can be done.

– Shipping is calculated and incorporated into the final quoted price of the commission unless otherwise stated. If you live outside of the United States you are responsible for paying import fees. It is against the law in my country for me to lie about the value of the item I am shipping to avoid import fees.  I use the United States Postal Service for my mailing services.

– I will ONLY take USD and will only accept payment through PayPal. As of 2018 PayPal allows you to pay with a credit/debit card, use funds from your balance or to pull money from any linked banking account.

– I do accept payment plans as long as they are reasonable, this can be discussed. Payments can be sent weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

– I hold the right to a “3 strike” program where, if you miss payment 3 times, I will refund you in full and your commission will be voided.

– I will not start working on your project until it is 80% or fully paid off.

– Please be aware that you are purchasing an animal costume. I am not responsible for any bodily harm (falling, overheating, tripping, etc.) caused by you wearing your fursuit. Be sure to drink lots of water and take off your fursuit if you feel tired/need to cool down.

– There is a 90-day warranty on all custom orders. If there is a problem with the piece you pay to mail it to me and I will pay to mail it back to you, fixing the problem free of charge.
After the 90 days any repairs will be determined on a case-by-case basis and a fee will be implemented.
PLEASE wash any items mailed back to me (assuming they have been worn and sweat into) or a fee will be tacked on.
However, if there is a minute issue with an order and the customer wants to make repairs themselves they can contact me at any time and I can give a tutorial, draw a diagram or walk them through how to fix it.

Artistic liberty suits are at a discounted rate and can always be discussed. I have plenty of ideas for suits I wish to make. “Surprise” artistic liberty suits will be a flat-rate price, however you will only see WIPS and not be told of the species nor color pallet of the character. I may give hints.

Discounts in regards to repeat customers vary on a case by case basis.