All prices are listed in USD and are subject to change based on the design of the character being created.

alibi unicorn (1-11-19)


Digitigrade: $3,600+

Plantigrade: $3,300+

A custom full fursuit specifically built for you.
Comes with a head, bodysuit, handpaws, feet and tail.
Price range varies on how complex the design is.

Goat (4-29-17).png


Beginner: $1,800+

Full: $2,500+

A custom fursuit partial specifically built for you.
Beginner comes with head, tail and handpaws.
Full comes with head, tail, handpaws, sleeves and feet.

Price range varies from how complex the design is.
Sleeves can be added for an additional price to a beginner partial, please inquire if interested.


Tiger (8-8-17) 2.png


Toony base price: $950+
Realistic base price: $1,100+

A custom fursuit head specifically built for you.
Toony heads are built onto a balaclava base, they are entirely made of foam.
Realistic heads are built on resin base and padded with foam for shape and comfort.
Moving jaws are currently only available on REALISTIC heads only.
Add-ons such as LEDs, NFT hair, etc. will bump up the price.
Price range varies on how complex the design is.

Kirin (12-26-16)

Smaller Parts*

Plantigrade bodysuit: $700+
Digitigrade bodysuit: $900+
Feetpaws: $350+

*Occasionally I take commissions for smaller parts such as handpaws, feetpaws and bodysuits. When opening for commissions please feel free to ask about certain parts but please be aware I will typically decline unless they are on my commission form.