How to Order

If you have never commissioned a fursuit before it can appear to be a little daunting, but a few simple steps can make the process a breeze for you and your maker!

Artwork by Hektious (FurAffinity).

Step 1: Character Reference

The most important part of having your character brought to life is having a clear vision of what you would like your fursuit to look like! A reference sheet is required for any commissioner getting a costume made of their character.
There are many artists out there who offer reference art services, one of them is Crazdude! It is heavily recommended that you get a reference made before commissioning a fursuit, if you cannot afford one you can draw one yourself or download free-to-use line art off the Internet. I also recommend reading her amazing guide for the yeses and noes of getting a reference sheet made.
Don’t have a character or want a surprise design? Artistic liberty fursuits are a collaborative effort between the commissioner and the fursuit maker. The commissioner has somewhat of an idea in mind for the character but wants the artist’s input. You can give details as simple as, “Surprise me,” or go a bit more in depth with something like, “A purple fox with a floral theme!” Keep in mind that an artistic liberty design does NOT warrant a lack of reference, if you have something specific in your head please get a reference sheet made.
I also have many, many designs for artist designed fursuits on hand, when commissions are open and you are interested please feel free to ask about them, there are plenty of unique species, colors palettes and patterns available!

Step 2: Submitting Your Form

When I have announced that commissions are being re-opened, get ready! Be sure you have a reference (or an artistic liberty design in mind), have read and understood the Terms of Service and have enough on hand to cover the 30% required down payment if your application is chosen.
It is important to keep in mind that I receive many submissions and cannot take them all at one time, if your commission is not chosen you can feel free to re-submit your form the next time I have opened!

Step 3: Payment Plans

If you are chosen then congratulations, you’re on your way to getting a fursuit made! Here comes the fun part: paying for your fursuit.
You have two options: paying in full or opting for a payment plan. When submitting your form this is one of the questions that appears, if you have a payment plan in mind please give details in regards to what you can afford to pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Per my Terms of Service your commission will not be started until it is mostly or fully paid for. The faster a fursuit is paid for the sooner you will receive it.

“What’s next?”

Step 4: Waiting

Being patient is difficult but, as an incentive, once your fursuit is started you will begin receiving Work In Progress (WIP) photos! WIPs are a fun way to see how your commission is doing and to give any feedback about the costume.
It is crucial to keep in mind that I am a team of one person creating costumes, the wait time can be anywhere from 1 month to 1 year, varying by your payment plan, your commission type and how large my queue is. I appreciate your patience immensely during this process!

Step 5: Receiving Your Fursuit

The final (and best) part of the process, receiving your costume in the mail! All orders are mailed through the United States Postal Service (USPS), domestic mail will receive a tracking number while international orders can opt to pay extra for insurance or tracking. Typically it takes 1-5 business days for a domestic order to arrive and 4-30 days for an international one, depending on your location and customs.

You’re all set on becoming a fursuiter, good luck with applying! 🙂

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